About Us / Our Mission



Spreading love by inspiring humanity with wholeness and the gifts of life, that words cannot explain. Bringing
light, which surrounds your inner emotions, as well as your outside.


Mission Statement:

The mission of Inspiring Women is to encourage, uplift and inspire humanity throughout our community and surrounding areas. The goal is to provide food and help with day to day necessities. We want the women to be inspired, the children to feel safe and the families to experience genuine support.



Our vision is to nominate 1 woman each month. We truly don’t understand the magnitude of stress that women face on a day to day basis. We inspire the women with gifts, offer words of encouragement and motivate them to move forward in life with any goal that she has set in heart to fulfill. We make this day all about the woman in hopes that she may continue to lead her own children with strength and resiliency. It’s an extraordinary uplifting experience!



1. Lack of poverty in families: Inspire families with gift cards for food and school supplies 2. Sick and Shut In: Hospital visit with children provide gifts, love, words of encourage and celebrate their birthdays. 3. Preventative Care: Dental funding on procedures that AHCCCS will not cover. Must be attending school or working, up to age twenty one years old. 4. Education: Scholarship Funds for 1 high school senior boy and girl per year. (Undergraduate Study) 5. Dreams: Opportunity for children and adults. Performing arts such as: singing, dancing and acting in our own building on stage. The amount of talent in Arizona, which is being overlooked. Can conquer the world! I want to give our residents the authority to shine with their talents. 6. Outreach: Holiday hot cooked meal for the homeless community. 7. Toy Drive: Santa’s helpers to provide gifts for the children during Christmas.


Inspiring Women will hold fundraisers each year, to meet the annual goal of helping others in the community of Chandler, Arizona. And surrounding areas. We will continue to support the needs of the people through giving and inspiring. Being a force for all who feel hope is lost. Increasing children interaction because they are our future. The goal of “Inspiring Women” is to help make a difference in other's lives!